(Previously known as Phoenix OEL AG)

Midgard Oil Hub LLC FZCMOH LLC FZC is in process to be incorporated in Freezone of Fujairah – UAE with a shareholding structure and ownership by D.I Vub (Trust Company) for and on behalf of Midgard Holdings Ltd.

MOH LLC FZC projects: 

  • Structure of an Oil Trading Plateform in Fujairah – UAE.
  • Exclusive distribution of MCU Coating paints troughout UAE.

While MOH LLC FZC may (at the present time) be a junior company in the context of its physical presence, under the guidance of first class E&P personnel (who have a vast knowledge of the industry and who are extremely respected by their peers), MOH LLC FZC is the type of company that can easily be transformed into a reputable oil company and major player.

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